Updated as of 03 May 2022
(For those whose visa was issued prior to 11 April 2022) (For those whose residency visa was issued on 11 April 2022 onwards)
1.    New and Valid Employment Contract which corresponds to the worker’s visa duly signed by the employer and the worker (2 copies)
2.    Valid Passport of the worker (2 copies)
3.    Valid Visa of the worker (2 copies) 3. New Emirates ID of the worker (pink) (2 copies)

4.    Any proof of current employment (2 copies), as follows:

§  Current certificate of employment duly stamped and signed by the employer

§  Valid company ID

§  Recent pay slip duly stamped and signed by the employer

§  Labor Card

§ New Emirates ID (pink)

Additional documents which may be required (2 copies):
a.    Salary Certificate – For workers with basic salary falling below the minimum standard set by the POEA, i.e., USD 400 or AED1,500/month, a Salary Certificate, indicating the basic wage and total salaries and allowances being received per month by the worker, duly stamped and signed by the employer, will be required.
b.    Company Explanation Letter – For workers whose position/designation are different on the contract, visa, and the additional proof of employment, an Explanation Letter from the employer clarifying the discrepancy/ies will be required.
c.    Proof of companies’ relationship – For workers whose company name indicated in the contract is different from that on the visa or the additional proof of employment, any document showing the relationship between the company names will be required, such as: Old and new trade licenses with the same license number, memorandum of incorporation or change of name, explanation letter from the employer, etc.
Note: For representatives submitting documents on behalf of the worker/sponsor, an appropriate authorization letter and copy of the Emirates ID of the representative will be required.