Generally, companies / establishments requiring Filipino workers may hire through partnership with a legitimate and POEA accredited Philippine Recruitment Agencies (PRA).

Hiring Filipino workers may be categorized to the following:

  1. Hiring Skilled Workers through POEA Licensed PRA (Agency Hire)
  2. Hiring Domestic Workers through Accredited Tadbeer Service Centers and POEA Licensed PRA
  3. Direct/Name Hire* and Re-hire, subject to the exemptions as provided by the POEA Rules and Regulations

The UAE based company/establishment, in cooperation with their preferred POEA licensed agency shall prepare the requirement for POEA Accreditation.


For Skilled Workers (Agency Hire, Additional Job Order, Direct Hire, including Re-hire:

  • Submission of documents is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only
  • MWO Dubai will start entertaining clients as early as 7:30AM. ONLY AUTHORIZED COMPANY/SPONSOR REPRESENTATIVES are allowed to transact business with MWO Dubai. They must show proof of authorization (example: Company ID, PRO Card, Emirates ID/Visa).
  • Clients are required to get a token number from the Guard. NO TOKEN, NO TRANSACTION.
  • Only limited tokens will be allotted each transaction day: Monday & Wednesday – 30 tokens only; Friday – 20 tokens only.
  • Clients shall proceed to Room 10 and wait for their token numbers to be called.
Where: Ground floor, Room No. 10
Monday & WednesdayFirst thirty (30) applicants  No appointment required. 7:30AM to 3:00PM
FridayFirst twenty (20) applicantsNo appointment required. 7:30AM to 12:00NN.

For Tadbeer Service Centers (Accreditation, Additional Job Order, & Individual Contracts)

Where: 1st floor, Room No. 3
Monday to FridayUntil 12:00NN only  No appointment required.

Verification Fees

DocumentAmount (AED)
Recruitment Agreement120.00
New Job Order/Manpower Request120.00
Master Employment Contract40.00
Undertaking of Principal/Company40.00
Contingency Plan40.00
Trade License of the Principal/Company or Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate (if any)40.00
Other documents as may be required40.00

Result of Evaluation

Applicants will be notified via SMS/WhatsApp message and/or phone call.

If the application is approved, applicants are given a schedule to pay and collect the approved documents.

If the application is disapproved, applicants are given a schedule to collect the returned submission with a compliance note. No fees are collected for disapproved applications.

What to do next:

APPROVED/VERIFIED APPLICATIONS FOR ACCREDITATION: Transmit the original set of documents to your partner agency in the Philippines for registration.

For Tadbeer Service Centers only: Processing of Individual Employment Contracts may only begin upon successful registration of accreditation in the POEA system.


MWO Dubai may defer verification on request for Renewal / Multiple Accreditation, Additional Job Order, and/or Individual Contract Verification (for Tadbeer Service Centers only) pending resolution of complaints / request for assistance of Filipino workers in their respective companies.

Request for Assistance and/or complaints are handled by the Case Management Unit.