The Migrant Workers Office – Dubai and the Northern Emirates reiterates POEA Advisory No. 16, Series of 2022 and other previous issuances which strongly encourage Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to deal only with licensed Philippine recruitment agencies when intending to work overseas or transfer to another county for employment. This is to ensure that they are properly documented, and their rights and welfare are protected by the Philippine government and the host country where they are deployed in.

Overseas Filipino Workers are advised that third-country recruitment or hiring of overseas workers for employment outside their current jobsite is highly discouraged by the Department of Migrant Workers. This scheme which results in cross-country employment of OFWs are typically undertaken by agencies, entities, and/or individuals which do not hold the appropriate license to recruit and place workers for overseas employment, hence, is not considered a lawful practice. Workers who use this kind of service face the risk of being charged with exorbitant recruitment fees, unfair labor practices, and fraudulent employment opportunities, among others.

In this regard, OFWs are reminded to avoid entities offering third-country recruitment services, and are warned of the ill effects if cross-country employment practices as these will only bring more harm than good.

Below is the signed advisory for the public’s guidance.

18 January 2023