Following the strict implementation of appointment system for POLO Dubai Services and in consideration of OFWs with confirmed flights on 7-10 May 2022 (Saturday to Tuesday), POLO Dubai will accommodate the following on 6 May 2022 (FRIDAY):

Clients with confirmed appointment for 6 May 2022.Please observe the time/schedule allotted for you. (From 07:30AM to 12:00NN only)
OFWs for CONTRACT VERIFICATION ONLY with CONFIRMED FLIGHTS on 7 – 10 May 2022. OFWs with flight schedule outside these dates will not be accommodated.
Ang mga OFWs na may CONFIRMED FLIGHTS mula 7-10 May 2022 na kailangan magpa-verify ng kontrata. (BASAHIN: Paano malalaman kung kailangan magpa-verify?
You will be accommodated from 12:30nn until 5:00PM only. POLO Dubai will not release token numbers prior to the allotted time.
Magbibigay ng token number sa ganap na 12:30 ng tanghali kung kaya pinpapayuhan ang publiko na hindi kailangan pumila ng umaga sa POLO Dubai dahil tanghali pa maaring pumasok ang mga may CONFIRMED FLIGHTS (7-10 May 2022 only).

Make sure to bring the complete requirements. Incomplete / Insufficient applications will not be processed.

Only those who are REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME and CHANGED EMPLOYERS ON-SITE are required for contract verification. (   

For Household Service Workers (HSW) / Domestic Workers, you need contract verification at every contract renewal.

CONTRACT VERIFICATION is NOT REQUIRED for OFWs with existing POEA /OEC Records, but they need to present relevant documents to update their OEC at POLO Dubai. OEC Appointment is REQUIRED ( :

  • Changed surnames (single to married name): present old & new passport (original)
  • Same company / employer but promoted/new position / salary: Proof/notice of promotion
  • Same company but updated trade license: Copy of Company Trade License.

Only OFWs with CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT ON 6 MAY 2022 & CONFIRMED FLIGHTS on 7-10 May 2022 will be accommodated on 6 MAY 2022 (FRIDAY).