It has come to the attention of POLO Dubai that some individuals are offering OEC related services, such as online registration, acquiring OEC exemption, etc., in exchange of payment. POLO Dubai reiterates that such individuals are not affiliated to POLO Dubai nor are they authorized to offer such services.

Furthermore, may we remind everyone that signing up for the E-REGISTRATION, setting an OEC appointment, and ACQUIRING OEC EXEMPTION (thru POPS-BaM) are FREE OF CHARGE. An applicant will only be asked to pay when applying for a new OEC (first-time registration, change employer, change jobsite, etc). When eligible, an OEC Exemption may be generated through your own personal POPS-BaM account for free.


  1. How to register to the new POEA Online Processing System for Balik-Manggagawa (POPS-BaM):
  2. How to TRANSFER previous BM record:
  3. How to set an OEC appointment:
  4. How to acquire OEC Exemption:
  5. Guide for Account/Password Recovery:
  6. Other Helpdesk services:
    1. Update e-Registration details:
    2. If you forgot your e-Registration details:
    3. Correction of Name/Birthday/Gender:
    4. If you did not receive a confirmation email:
    5. Change Account Email Address:
    6. Account Activation or Reset:
    7. Account Deactivation:
    8. OLD Employment Records Problem:
    9. OEC Cancellation:

Read the official and signed advisory below: