OWWA Dubai informs the public that pursuant to OWWA Memorandum of Instruction No. 004, Series of 2022 effective 01 April 2022,  there are new provisions identifying the OFWs qualified for “Alagang Kabayan Laban sa Covid19” financial assistance in countries where there is a continuous decline in Covid-19 cases, no surge of Covid-19 cases, and no declaration of lockdown. They shall be those who are:

  1. Active OWWA MEMBER-OFWs only at the time of Covid-19 infection; and
  2. With medical certification certifying as symptomatic and required hospitalization or placement to isolation facility for medication.

The said MOI covers all pending applications awaiting approval and release of financial assistance.

Qualified OFWs are encouraged to file their application by emailing OWWA Dubai at ofwcovid19positive@gmail.com.

Read the full text of the signed Announcement below.